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Prof Sudarshan Ananth

Professor Theoretical Particle Physics... View Profile

Prof Bhas Bapat

Professor Atomic collisions, molecular fragmentation, photoc... View Profile

Prof T. S. Mahesh

Professor NMR spectroscopy, quantum information, optimal con... View Profile

Prof M. S. Santhanam

Professor Nonlinear dynamics, chaos and quantum chaos, stati... View Profile

Prof Prasad Subramanian

Professor Plasma astrophysics, solar physics and black hole ... View Profile

Prof Sunil Mukhi

Professor String Theory, Quantum Field Theory, Particle Phys... View Profile

Dr Ramana Athreya

Associate Professor Active galaxies, galaxy cluster radio sources, hig... View Profile

Dr Shivprasad Patil

Associate Professor Nanotechnology, atomic force microscopy and single... View Profile

Dr Suneeta Vardarajan

Associate Professor Gravitation and Mathematical Physics.... View Profile

Dr Prasenjit Ghosh

Associate Professor Atomistic modeling of Materials... View Profile

Dr Apratim Chatterji

Associate Professor Statistical physics, soft condensed matter, phase ... View Profile

Dr Arijit Bhattacharyay

Associate Professor Complex and dynamical systems, biophysics, pattern... View Profile

Dr Arun Thalapillil

Associate Professor Theoretical High Energy Physics... View Profile

Dr Atikur Rahman 

Associate Professor Quantum transport in nanoelectronic devices, appli... View Profile

Dr G.V. Pavan Kumar

Associate Professor Nanophotonics, Soft-matter physics and Light Scatt... View Profile

Dr Mukul Kabir

Associate Professor Electronic structure theory, 2D Materials, Functio... View Profile

Dr Rejish Nath

Associate Professor Quantum Optics, Atom Optics, Condensed Matter Phys... View Profile

Dr Seema Sharma

Associate Professor Experimental High Energy Physics... View Profile

Dr Shouvik Datta

Associate Professor Semiconductor physics, optical spectroscopy, elect... View Profile

Dr Sourabh Dube

Associate Professor Experimental High Energy Physics... View Profile

Dr Ganesh Jaya Sreejith

Associate Professor Theoretical condensed matter physics - strongly co... View Profile

Dr Sunil Nair 

Associate Professor Strongly correlated electron systems... View Profile

Dr Surjeet Singh

Associate Professor Magnetism and superconductivity, single-crystal gr... View Profile

Dr Umakant Rapol

Associate Professor Atomic physics and precision spectroscopy, quantum... View Profile

Dr Ashna Bajpai

Associate Professor Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Nanomagnets... View Profile

Dr Aparna Deshpande

Assistant Professor Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy (STM), spectroscopy... View Profile

Dr Bijay Kumar Agarwalla

Assistant Professor Charge and energy transport, Fluctuation relations... View Profile

Dr Diptimoy Ghosh

Assistant Professor Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology... View Profile

Dr Sachin Jain

Assistant Professor String Theory, Quantum Field Theory, Gravity, Flui... View Profile

Dr Vijayakumar Chikkadi

Assistant Professor Soft condensed matter, Glasses, Active matter, Col... View Profile

Dr Ashish Arora

Assistant Professor Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, 2D materia... View Profile

Dr Arka Banerjee

Assistant Professor Cosmology, Structure Formation in the Universe... View Profile

Dr Susmita Adhikari

Assistant Professor Cosmology & Astrophysics, Dark Matter Halos and St... View Profile