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Prof Anjan Banerjee

Professor Plant developmental biology, Micro RNA (miRNA) and... View Profile

Prof Aurnab Ghose

Professor Neurobiology... View Profile

Prof Girish Ratnaparkhi

Professor Genetics, Animal Developmental Biology, Genome eng... View Profile

Prof L. S. Shashidhara

Professor Evolution of appendage forms, functional genomics,... View Profile

Prof Saikrishnan Kayarat 

Professor Structural biology... View Profile

Prof Sanjeev Galande

Professor Epigenetics, Chromatin biology, Regulation of gene... View Profile

Prof Sutirth Dey

Professor Population dynamics, life-history evolution, simul... View Profile

Prof Thomas Pucadyil

Professor Membrane Biochemistry and Biophysics, Vesicular Tr... View Profile

Prof Chaitanya Athale

Professor Self-organization and cell morphogenesis... View Profile

Prof Rajesh Gokhale

Professor The Interface of Immune and Metabolic responses in... View Profile

Prof Jayant Udgaonkar 

Director Study of protein folding, unfolding and aggregatio... View Profile

Dr Mallur Srivatsan Madhusudhan

Associate Professor Bioinformatics and Structure... View Profile

Dr Deepak Barua

Associate Professor Plant physiology, physiological ecology and evolut... View Profile

Dr Gayathri Pananghat

Associate Professor Structural Biology of Cytoskeletal Systems... View Profile

Dr Kundan Sengupta 

Associate Professor Chromosome biology in development and disease... View Profile

Dr Mayurika Lahiri

Associate Professor DNA damage and cell cycle, 3D studies of breast ca... View Profile

Dr Nagaraj Balasubramanian

Associate Professor Cell Biology: cell adhesion, trafficking, cell mig... View Profile

Dr Richa Rikhy

Associate Professor Cell Biology of development and differentiation: M... View Profile

Dr Suhita Nadkarni

Associate Professor Biophysical models of synaptic plasticity in healt... View Profile

Dr Siddhesh Kamat

Associate Professor Chemical Biology, Metabolomics, Chemoproteomics, L... View Profile

Dr Sudha Rajamani

Associate Professor Origins of life... View Profile

Dr Pranay Goel

Associate Professor Mathematical biology: physiology and type 2 diabet... View Profile

Dr Sunish Kumar Radhakrishnan

Associate Professor Cell Cycle Control and Differentiation in Bacteria... View Profile

Dr Kalika Prasad

Associate Professor Stem cell, regeneration and patterning in plants... View Profile

Dr Sagar Pandit

Assistant Professor Chemical and molecular ecology of multitrophic int... View Profile

Dr Collins Assisi

Assistant Professor Information processing by neuronal networks... View Profile

Dr Krishanpal Karmodiya

Assistant Professor Epigenetics and Transcriptional Control in Plasmod... View Profile

Dr Nixon Abraham

Assistant Professor Neural circuits and behaviour; Olfaction... View Profile

Dr Mridula Nambiar

Assistant Professor Meiotic recombination and chromosomal segregation ... View Profile

Dr Nishad Matange

Assistant Professor Evolution and Genetics of Antimicrobial Resistance... View Profile

Dr Raghav Rajan

Assistant Professor Neural mechanisms underlying movement initiation i... View Profile