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Dube Sourabh Associate Professor
Dr Swaminathan Sivaram Honorary Professor
Udgaonkar  Jayant Professor
Ballav Nirmalya Associate Professor
Prof Shyam S. Rai Professor and Chairperson
Bal Vineeta Visiting Faculty
Dahanukar  Neelesh Visiting Faculty
Dr M. Jayakannan Associate Professor
Vaidhyanathan Ramanathan Associate Professor
Prof G. Ambika Professor and Dean


Measurements of the Higgs boson production and dec...

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Improved luminosity determination in pp collisions...

Author: Aad, G. and Abajyan, T. and Abbott, B. and Abdallah, J. and Khalek, S.A. and Abdelalim, A.A. and Abdinov, O. and Aben, R. and Abi, B. and Abolins, M. and Zeid, O.S.A. and Abramowicz, H. and Abreu, H. and Acerbi, E. and Acharya, B.S. and Adamczyk, L. and A

Event generator tunes obtained from underlying eve...

Author: Khachatryan, V. and Sirunyan, A.M. and Tumasyan, A. and Adam, W. and Asilar, E. and Bergauer, T. and Brandstetter, J. and Brondolin, E. and Dragicevic, M. and Erö, J. and Flechl, M. and Friedl, M. and Frühwirth, R. and Ghete, V.M. and Hartl, C. and Hörman